Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics

Discussion Papers

Our doctoral students circulate their research output in the BGPE Discussion Paper series before submitting it to refereed scientific journals.

In the following you find the BGPE Discussion Papers 2017 and their subsequent refereed publications.

Please check the categories on the left for the BGPE Discussion Papers of previous years and their subsequent refereed publications.

Discussion Papers 2017

No. Author(s) Title Submission PDF Published in
174 Christoph S. Weber
The Effect of Central Bank Transparency on Exchange Rate Volatility September
173 Francesco Carbonero
Christian Offermanns
Enzo Weber
The Trend in Labour Income Share: the Role of Technological Change and Imperfect Labour Markets September
172 Christoph S. Weber
The Unemployment Effect of Central Bank Transparency August
171 Stefan Napel
Dominik Welter
Responsibility-based allocation of cartel damages August
170 Gabriel Lee
Binh Nguyen Thanh
Johannes Strobel
Effects of Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Labor Demand Shocks on the Housing Market June
169 Regina T. Riphahn
Rebecca Schrader
Institutional reforms and an incredible rise in old age employment May

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