Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics

Discussion Papers

Our doctoral students circulate their research output in the BGPE Discussion Paper series before submitting it to refereed scientific journals.

In the following you find the BGPE Discussion Papers 2021 and their subsequent refereed publications.

Please check the categories on the left for the BGPE Discussion Papers of previous years and their subsequent refereed publications.

Discussion Papers 2022

No. Author(s) Title Submission PDF Published in
220 Magnus Schauf
Eline Schoonjans
Better Safe than Sorry: Toxic Waste Management after Unionization August
219 Fabienne Cantner
Geske Rolvering
Does information help to overcome public resistance to carbon prices? Evidence from an information provision experiment July
218 Florian Bucher
Lucas Scheu
Benedikt Schröpf
Economic complexity and environmental pollution: Evidence from the former socialist transition countries May
217 Philipp Krug
Optimal Estate Taxation: More (about)
Heterogeneity across Dynasties
216 Vanessa Kunzmann
Effects of Cross Country Fiscal Interdependence on Multipliers within a Monetary Union. February

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