Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics

Discussion Papers

Our doctoral students circulate their research output in the BGPE Discussion Paper series before submitting it to refereed scientific journals.

In the following you find the BGPE Discussion Papers 2020 and their subsequent refereed publications.

Please check the categories on the left for the BGPE Discussion Papers of previous years and their subsequent refereed publications.

Discussion Papers 2021

No. Author(s) Title Submission PDF Published in
212 Tim Kovalenko
Uncertainty shocks and employment fluctuations in Germany: the role of establishment size September
211 Alexander Daminger
Homeowner Subsidies and Suburban Living: Empirical Evidence from a Subsidy Repeal August
210 Alexander Daminger
Subsidies to Homeownership and Central City Rent July
209 Stefanie Braun
Effects of Preferential Tax Treatment on German Homeownership June

208 Johanna Röhrs
Income Taxation and Job Creation June

207 Stefanie Braun
Gabriel S. Lee
Agglomeration Spillover Effects in German Land and House Prices at the City and County Levels May

206 Manuela K. Fritz
Temperature and non-communicable diseases: Evidence from Indonesia's primary health care system. April
205 Alexander Ahammer
Stefan Bauernschuster
Martin Halla
Hannah Lachenmaier
Minimum Legal Drinking Age and the Social Gradient in Binge Drinking April
204 Dominika Langenmayr
Lennard Zyska
Escaping the Exchange of Information: Tax Evasion via Citizenship-by-Investment March

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